Investing in prime coastal property

From golden shorelines to gentle sea breezes, oceanside living is a dream come true for many. Traditionally, families often travel to the coastal regions during the holiday seasons or to get away for a mini break during the off-peak season, however this notion has changed over the last 2 years with a shift in property interest and demand for coastal living. According to Lightstone research, coastal price growth now sits at 7,4% while growth in non-coastal regions sits at 5%.

An increase in semigration

One of the reasons for this price growth is the increase of semigration from inland regions to the coast. With the concept of remote work gaining more traction, families and individuals are no longer hesitant to move away from the inland cities and retain their professional careers.

With this semigration comes the benefits of the oceanside living and the ability to raise your family in a comfortable environment away from the 24-hour bustling city yet still providing quality education, healthcare and access to the main cities for retail, business and entertainment.

The demand for gated estates

A property trend that has caught on in South Africa over the last 2 years is the demand for secure, gated estates. Seen as a valuable addition to coastal areas for families, estates offer security, quality of life and more space. These locations provide close proximity, if not direct access, to a range of natural surroundings that are a bonus for many individuals and speak to a convenient lifestyle many are in search of.

Looking towards retirement

The coast is a preferred scene for those seeking retirement opportunities and with the ability to work from home, many growing families are opting to find their permanent homes while still raising kids, keeping their retirement stages in mind. This allows families to set down permanent roots and build a support system to rely on when they get older. Purchasing younger means that you can have a fully paid-up home by the time you reach retirement.

Buying coastal property is now a viable option for many individuals with the changing times and growth in capital appreciation, if you’re looking to invest. As the first residential development within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, OceanDune is the ideal option for those seeking coastal residences to capitalise on as an investor or homeowner looking to move to the coast.

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