Why children should spend time outdoors

31 August 2020

Naturally, children have an affinity with nature and there may be nothing more valuable in today’s world than giving children access to nature. Access to nature can come in many …


Lifestyle should be on your list of property wants

29 August 2020

While people may have a list of things they are looking for in a home, sometimes other intangible elements can be overlooked. Beyond the walls of a home, buyers should …


Quick and simple exercises you can do at home

13 August 2020

Staying at home certainly has it perks- more time to spend with the family, the chance to do some much-needed spring cleaning and also the opportunity to save some money …


Fresh fish caught off the KZN coast

13 August 2020

Kamini’s Crisp Chilli Bite Sardine Sandwiches This recipe serves 2. You will need A small pot for deep frying vegetable oil for deep frying 2 fresh sardines, gutted and scaled …


What services can The Set-up offer you?

20 May 2020

Furnishings, fittings, colours, and textures are what make a house, a home.  And it is with these elements that you can individualise your space, and really make it yours. Whether …


You don’t need a gym membership!

10 May 2020

Swimming is one of the few forms of exercise which is suitable for all ages. Beyond being a way to keep active, swimming, and time in water has other benefits …


Buying in an off-plan Development

4 May 2020

Buying in an off-plan development, like those developed within Sibaya by the Devmco Group, means you’ll already save money as the purchase is Transfer Duty free. By investing in a …


Property can be your ticket to wealth

30 March 2020

You’re well on your way to making some great income out of your investment property. You may already know all the tips and tricks but there’s always room to learn …


Make the most of your rental property

22 March 2020

Following on from last month’s feature on maximising on your investment, here we look at some other tips and tricks to turn your rental property into a gold mine. You’ve …


Maximise on your airbnb investment

22 February 2020

You’ve invested in a property to earn an income through short-term letting, now it’s time to take your investment to the next level. There are more than 191 regions listed …


Earn additional income from your property

14 February 2020

December was an exceptionally busy time for tourism in Durban, with investors reaping rewards earned through their property investments. December 2019 saw the highest volume of passengers in the history …


Top accolade for Durban as world’s most sustainable city

10 February 2020

Not only is Durban The World’s Greenest City but it is also one of the world’s most sustainable cities. We humans are on a constant quest to be happier, to …


From ghost gear to green plastics

13 January 2020

Our oceans are littered with plastics and our seabeds are awash with what is termed ‘ghost gear’ – lost, abandoned or deliberately discarded fishing gear. Greenpeace just recently released a …


The longevity of sea turtles

16 December 2019

Why do sea turtles live so long? That’s probably a question you can’t even begin to answer. Before we attempt to answer it, let’s have a look at the life …


Embracing science to save the ocean

5 December 2019

We are now in a time where what we call ‘science’ is both a help and a hinderance. The notion of what scientists say as gospel is no longer the …


Sibaya’s First Residential Development

18 October 2019

Occupying a prime position within the precinct, OceanDune’s luxurious apartments will have access to unspoiled private beaches connected by natural footpaths along elevated boardwalks winding through one of the province’s …


OceanDune Sibaya

7 October 2019

Exclusive living within a sheltered environment just minutes away from upmarket coastal suburbs, OceanDune Sibaya offers the best of both worlds. Surrounded by the indigenous Hawaan Forest with uninterrupted views …


The Kingdom of KwaZulu-Natal

6 October 2019

KwaZulu-Natal, on South Africa’s East Coast, enjoys long picturesque stretches of beach beside the warm Indian Ocean. With a rich heritage and a named after the Kingdom of the Zulu, …

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