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Is your unit holiday ready

The festive season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to rent out your unit, whether you’re getting away for the holidays or offering out your unit on a short-term rental to the holiday markers. Ensure you use these tips to prepare for this period.

Living spaces

Give your guests an unforgettable holiday that leaves them with a range of amazing memories of their trip while staying in your unit. Provide a clean space that hosts all they need for a fantastic self-catering getaway. The Set-up can provide efficient services that consider the little things from supplying the cutlery and crockery to creating a sense of casual comfort. They take your unit and transform it into a home away from home.

Use a reliable service

If it is your first time, the decision to rent out your unit may be scary. Ensure you use a trusted estate agent like Devmco Realty to find you the perfect set of holidaymakers to rent out your space to. Take away any apprehensions you may have over the idea. Tasks like key hand overs and other administrative tasks can be handled conveniently, leaving you carefree for the holidays.

Important information for your guests

When renting out your space, provide your guests with information on the area. Information packs or website links to showcase the offerings of the development like kid’s facilities, pools, and clubhouse offerings. The location amenities are equally important in providing cuisine choices and shopping facilities for holiday makers to enjoy. Ensure you also inform your guests of the rules and regulations that the estate observes to avoid complaints from other residents.

From well-appointed apartments to having direct access to the beach, Sibaya’s safe coastal forest and the best the coastal region can offer you, OceanDune Sibaya provides the ideal, serene environment to enjoy an unforgettable holiday this December.

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