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Quick and simple exercises you can do at home

Staying at home certainly has it perks- more time to spend with the family, the chance to do some much-needed spring cleaning and also the opportunity to save some money by working out at home instead of paying a gym membership. Home workouts can be quick and easy and can be done with little or no equipment. You may also find that various pieces of furniture can double up as exercise apparatus if needed. Here are some of our favourite quick at-home exercises.

This at-home workout aims to target muscle groups like the quads, abdominals, biceps, and triceps.

You will need:

Keep a bottle of water nearby so you can hydrate as you exercise.



Aim to do three to four, 30-second bursts of skipping with a skipping rope or jog on the spot. You can do this for a solid 1 ½ minutes or break it up into three 30-second rounds with a 10-second rest in between each. The aim of the warm-up is to increase your heart rate and get your muscles warmed up.

Wait 30 seconds and then start the next exercise.


Biceps– 5 minutes

Aim for 40 seconds exercise and 20 seconds rest. Try to do a maximum of five rounds.

Hold a can in each hand with the inside of the arms facing outwards – in other words, if your hands were empty, your palms would be facing forwards. Now curl both forearms up towards your biceps until your hands are in line with your shoulders, and then slowly move your arms down back to the starting position

Once you have completed all the rounds, wait 30 seconds, and then start the next exercise.

Triceps – 4 minutes

Aim for 40 seconds exercise and 20 seconds rest. Try to do a maximum of four rounds

Move your dining room chair in a position so that you have about 1 ½ metres in front of it. Sit down on the chair and place your arms by your sides with palms flat on the seat of the chair. Now slowly and carefully, slide your bottom forward until it comes off the chair and as you do, keep your palms on the chair to steady you. You will need to bend your elbows and slide your hands forward so that your hands come to grip the front edge of the chair seat. Once you are in this position, slide your legs in or out, depending on what feels comfortable and sturdy for you. Using your arms, lift your body up and down so that you feel the tension in your triceps

Quads – 6 minutes

Aim for five sets of 10 squats with a 10-second rest in-between each set.

You do not need any furniture or equipment for this exercise. Make sure you are standing on a non-slip surface or a yoga mat. Stand tall with your legs shoulder width apart. Put your arms out straight in front of you so they are parallel with the ground and keep your head straight and looking forward. Depending on your fitness and flexibility, slowly push your bottom backwards and bend your knees as if you are getting ready to sit down. Now, slowly come back to standing position.

Repeat the routine all over again another nine times. Once you have done 10 squats, you will have completed 1 set. Try not to lean forward too much or arch your back.

If you are not steady and do not feel safe doing these air squats, then practice the same movement but with a sturdy chair or bed behind you to sit down on as you lower your bottom and bend your knees.



Now that you have completed your workout, take a moment to sit down and breathe slowly. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for 5 or 6 breaths. You may stretch slowly if you like or go for a gentle slow walk around OceanDune. The way you choose to warm-down is totally up to you.

Exercising at home doesn’t have to take long, be complicated or involve expensive equipment. Challenge yourself to do this workout three to four times a week and over time you’ll see and feel the benefits.


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