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Most popular family games around the world

In a world that is riddled with chaos and daily stress, it is important to make time for those we love, particularly our family. Did you know there are multiple benefits of spending time with your loved ones? Making this time a priority brings along a range of health benefits like improved mental wellness, stress-reduction, and enhancement of physical fitness. While activities like great conversation or going to a movie together are fun, there is nothing better than engaging in an interactive game! We have rounded up some of the most popular family games played around the world, take a look to see if yours topped the charts.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is the ideal summer-time game, in fact, perfect for KwaZulu-Natal’s year-round warm weather! Simply understood as a form of tag in a swimming pool, the game is easy to play and enjoyable with more than 2 people. Jump into the pool and choose a person to be “It”. This person would need to close their eyes as the other players disperse in the pool. Once ready, the player who is “it” shouts “Marco” and all other players shout “Polo” at the same time. The goal is to swim around with closed eyes and tag another person resulting in them becoming the new “it”. Not only is it a great family game, but it is also a great workout in the water.


If you’re looking for an indoor game to play with family on rainy days, Scrabble is an entertaining option. The game requires at least 2 people to receive 10 random letter tiles at a time which will be used on a board to build words. These words will award you with points that you keep track of and in the end, the individual with the most points, wins the game.  Popular across the world as it can be enjoyed in all languages, the game helps with vocabulary and mathematical skills for kids. As an adult, you’ll be surprised as you challenge your own vocabulary!

I spy

This simple game is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Get the family together and challenge their creativity with an interactive guessing game. Take inspiration from your natural surroundings and encourage your family members to dip into the depths of their imagination by gathering around, having turns to ask each other to identify an object around them that begins with the letter it starts with. You can choose to describe the object or provide some clues. The winner gets to go next!

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