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Celebrating dolphin life on our doorstep

Did you know our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface with majority of life on Earth being aquatic? Dolphins are among the top 5 smartest creatures in the ocean. As we celebrate Dolphin awareness in March, what better way to learn more about these fantastic mammals than to understand their behaviours and way of life.

Dolphins are part of the mammal family Delphinidae and have 42 different types of species. The most common dolphin found in South Africa are the bottlenose dolphin. Regarded as toothed whales, these creatures have conical teeth designed for catching fish or squid. Their brains are larger than the human brain and they host a complex group of neurons that lead to responsiveness and increased problem-solving skills. Bottlenose dolphins can grow up to 4 meters long with an average weight of 150 to 200kg. Their skin is smooth and rubbery to the touch, which helps with increasing their swimming efficiency.

Considered extremely friendly, dolphins live in pods of 2 to 15. They grow together and can create multifaceted connections with their group members. Dolphins produce several sounds including clicking, squeaking and whistles to communicate underwater, through echolocation which also allows them to navigate and hunt while being aware of their surroundings. These special sounds create high-frequency pulses that bounce off objects and create echoes as sound waves reflect off them. A dolphin will interpret the meaning through their nerve impulses.

Some fun facts about dolphins:
· When dolphins sleep, half of their brain stays awake which allows them to continue to breathe.
· Within a dolphin pod, it is common for other members to help care for any sick, old, or injured members.
· There are 5 species of dolphin that live in freshwater.

With 180-degree sea views on the sundecks at OceanDune Sibaya, you have the ideal spot to watch a pod of dolphins swimming along the oceans horizon or breaching waters while having a bit of fun. Along with brilliant views and convenient onsite amenities like fire pits and rooftop pools, OceanDune Sibaya provides an all-encompassing lifestyle that is ideal for those looking for everything on their doorstep.

Is your unit holiday ready

The festive season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to rent out your unit, whether you’re getting away for the holidays or offering out your unit on a short-term rental to the holiday markers. Ensure you use these tips to prepare for this period.

Living spaces

Give your guests an unforgettable holiday that leaves them with a range of amazing memories of their trip while staying in your unit. Provide a clean space that hosts all they need for a fantastic self-catering getaway. The Set-up can provide efficient services that consider the little things from supplying the cutlery and crockery to creating a sense of casual comfort. They take your unit and transform it into a home away from home.

Use a reliable service

If it is your first time, the decision to rent out your unit may be scary. Ensure you use a trusted estate agent like Devmco Realty to find you the perfect set of holidaymakers to rent out your space to. Take away any apprehensions you may have over the idea. Tasks like key hand overs and other administrative tasks can be handled conveniently, leaving you carefree for the holidays.

Important information for your guests

When renting out your space, provide your guests with information on the area. Information packs or website links to showcase the offerings of the development like kid’s facilities, pools, and clubhouse offerings. The location amenities are equally important in providing cuisine choices and shopping facilities for holiday makers to enjoy. Ensure you also inform your guests of the rules and regulations that the estate observes to avoid complaints from other residents.

From well-appointed apartments to having direct access to the beach, Sibaya’s safe coastal forest and the best the coastal region can offer you, OceanDune Sibaya provides the ideal, serene environment to enjoy an unforgettable holiday this December.

Top flexible workplaces

Whether you’re a thriving entrepreneur or an professional that has the freedom to work from wherever you are, we all need a change of scenery sometimes. Also, with the world moving forward in the face of COVID-19, many places of employment have opted to allow remote working as the new norm as companies adapt to the future.

As a bustling hub of business activity, KwaZulu-Natal has earned its ranking as one of the busiest business centres in South Africa. With new developments spurring on the growth of commercial offices, the alternate trend of remote workspaces has found its own following. Here are some of the offerings you can find right on your doorstep, not too far from your OceanDune home.

Flexible workspace business centre

Just a quick 10-minute drive away, located in the heart of Umhlanga Rocks, overlooking the serene Whalebone pier off Umhlanga beach, you can find the Flexible Workspace business centre. Presenting office spaces sized to fit between 1 to 35 people, this centre provides the ideal option that can be tailored to your specific work needs. You can find meeting rooms and public areas, along with convenient and vibrant amenities within the building.

The Workspace Ballito

Got business in Ballito? No problem, nip through to The Workspace Ballito, which is just a mere 15-minute drive. Located in the commercial centre of Ballito, it provides a quick walk to many of Ballito’s accessible facilities like Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Ballito Junction, and other amenities in the area. The Workspace Ballito offers 60 fully serviced and furnished offices with high-speed internet while also catering for casual business get together with a rooftop braai area and tranquil courtyard.

Spaces Umhlanga

Spaces Umhlanga, located on the Ridgeside in Umhlanga Ridge, is a green, flexible office space geared towards an environmentally friendly design that is future focused. Providing 180-degree views, modern glass finishing’s and advanced technology, like access control cards and widescreens in meeting rooms, Spaces is the ideal choice for a thriving entrepreneur looking to kick off their start-up business.

In assisting the growth of remote working spaces, Sibaya will be introducing convenient and modern workspaces in the near future to bring a new wave of professionalism to South Africa; taking strides in providing the best to facilitate a fresh work-life balance.


Earn additional income from your property

December was an exceptionally busy time for tourism in Durban, with investors reaping rewards earned through their property investments.

December 2019 saw the highest volume of passengers in the history of King Shaka International Airport, with 93% of passengers coming from our domestic regions. What’s interesting about this is that the bulk of our regional visitors are local, and this number has seen an increase of 12% since December 2018. Short-term or ‘day’ tourism is a goldmine due to sheer volume alone. 2.1 million people visited Durban’s beaches to celebrate the 2020 new year yielding a potential R2.1 billion injection into our local economy, if each visitor spends only a single rand. As South Africa’s 2nd largest regional economy in terms of GDP, KZN is responsible for R16 out of every R100 generated by our national economy.

With an ever-growing local tourism market many have realised the value of this burgeoning market and have moved to capitalise on these opportunities. Many investors have opted to invest in property in new growth areas like the Sibaya Coastal Precinct in KwaZulu-Natal. Charles Thompson of Devmco Group, one of the pioneering developers in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct shares his thoughts on this, “Investors are seeing the fruits of their labour during the December high season. Those who have purchased units at OceanDune and Pebble Beach, with the express intention of holiday letting, saw 100% occupancy for at least 2 weeks of the period. Investors would be wise to capitalise on the opportunity to earn an income bolstered by the influx of seasonal tourism and business travel that occurs throughout the year. Some other savvy buyers have opted for flexibility of use afforded by letting platforms like Airbnb; they can personally make use of their unit, or even live it when they want and then list the unit for holiday letting during high season and benefit from the additional income stream through this.”

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