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3 Routines to help enhance your lifestyle

The month of January is the ideal time to start new habits and focus on your lifestyle. Your morning routine is the ideal start and can enhance your entire mindset for the rest of the day.

Did you know that the average time people wake up is at 6.23am? The team behind My Morning Routine, a book written by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander, found from their survey on 343 individual’s morning routines that:

The advantages of a morning routine can be extended to anything from your day’s productivity levels, effect on your relationships with those around you, confidence levels, as well as physical and emotional benefits. We have put together a few steps to enhance your morning routine to help you own the day.

Avoid that snooze button

Take time for yourself in the morning before you get into your normal rituals. Ensure you have enough time by getting up earlier to do something that will set the mood for the day, like a quick trail walk or cup of coffee overlooking the ocean or a moment to meditate.

Breakfast is important

It’s true! Fuelling yourself appropriately will help you tackle your day, so whatever you do, whether it is an on-the-go breakfast or a quick sit down before you head out, fit this into your morning routine. Eating a healthy breakfast ensures a clear mindset and helps with your energy levels for the day ahead. There have been studies that suggest eating a breakfast helps with better memory and increased levels of concentration.

Personalise your routine

Make sure your routine works for you – don’t try follow someone else’s. You may prefer checking your email when you get to work, while others prefer doing so first thing in the morning. Do what works for you. Just ensure that your morning routine fits into your day efficiently and gives you a feeling of fulfilment to make your day a success!

At OceanDune, you can achieve the ideal morning with the perfect setting, and access to various facilities that can help you achieve your health, fitness and self-care habits for the year ahead.


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