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Exercise on your own time

Over the last 18 months, many individuals have chopped and changed their exercise regimes. While coming out of the hard lockdown, many took to the outdoors to run or walk. Schedules have changed, where people are now working-from-home, which means that those who enjoyed exercising closer to work, have had to look at alternative solutions. Living within OceanDune, exercising is made hassle-free, where individuals can enjoy a quick run, swim or yoga session just a few steps away from their front door.

Swimming is one of the few forms of exercise which is suitable for all ages. Beyond being a way to keep active, swimming, and time in water has other benefits as well – it can help relieve pain, aid in relaxation, and also help improve cardiovascular health too. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why swimming is such a great form of exercise:

Good for joints

If you have any joint issues, or perhaps are recovering from joint surgery then swimming is ideal. Exercising in a pool is great as it is low impact and takes pressure off your joints. You won’t be at risk of putting unnecessary pressure on your joints, but the resistance of the water will enable you to work on joint mobility and to build up strength in the surrounding muscles.

Keeping your cool

Keeping active during warmer months like Summer can be quite uncomfortable, and you need to break more frequently to cool off. It’s a fact that we lose body heat 10% faster in water, so by keeping active in the pool, you won’t overheat.

Forget the equipment

You won’t need much to get the most out of your session in the pool. Moving through water is already more challenging than moving on land as water has natural resistance. If you want to up the ante, you can add ankle, wrist, or waist weights to do so.

Relief from back pain

A lot of people find high-impact exercise puts a lot of pressure on their spine, and many people with back issues will avoid exercise all together. The buoyancy of water helps to take pressure off the body and the spine while still offering the resistance needed to get a good workout.

You can keep it simple

Some people find swimming laps in a pool to be rather repetitive and boring while others enjoy the time to de-compress. The traditional forms of swimming training are great for improving all-round muscle tone, cardiovascular health, and increased blood circulation. You can opt for endurance training by swimming at one pace for an extended period of time or go for something with more intensity like sprints or sets of sprints. You don’t need an Olympic size pool to train for Iron Man or the Midmar mile either- all you need is a solid and consistent training plan.


Maintaining or improving your health and wellness by exercising daily needn’t be costly or complicated, and OceanDune has 2 pools to help you stay fit without having to be a member of a gym.

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