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Invest in your OceanDune apartment

Overlooking the majestic Hawaan forest and home to 180-degree sea views, OceanDune is a haven for those seeking a coastal investment on the North Coast. Your apartment will be situated close to everything you or your tenants would need.  Umhlanga and King Shaka International Airport are just a short drive away, while the onsite facilities are just a few steps from your apartment. Convenience, safety and location are key factors to a successful property investment and OceanDune has this all and more.

Our partnership with The Set-up will help you capitalise on your apartment and create a space that feels like home. Run by a team of experts in property and design, you have access to a holistic home interior offering. The packages are designed to optimise your apartment and create an environment for long or short-term rentals. These simple, yet modern packages can be tailored to suit your needs, or you could simply opt for one of the set packages. Step away from generic, outdated, and expensive furniture offerings and choose the modern approach, which creates a place ready to live in without the hassle of shopping around yourself. From TV installations, tasteful décor to carpeting and rugs, you can showcase your property to its full potential with the professional team.

The Set-up provides every element you require, and you don’t have to lift a finger – they do all the admin, organising and heavy lifting. In 14 days, your apartment will transform from an empty canvas to a functional, welcoming home. All you have to do is make sure you list it!

Through a simple 4-step process, your apartment can be move-in ready in no time! Investing within OceanDune you not only have the key investment factors, you have the unique offering from The Set-up.

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