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Live a little at OceanDune Sibaya

Overlooking the lush Hawaan forest and boasting 180-degree sea views, OceanDune Sibaya presents a unique outlook on life as it provides you with all you need within one address or just a few kilometers away. Here’s how you can live a little when making OceanDune Sibaya your home.

All-in-one living
With 260 units within this pristine, elegant building, you can delight in the many amenities that OceanDune Sibaya has to offer. With 2 adult sized pools and 2 kiddies splash pools, you can enjoy the warm summers while cooling off in the water or socialising on the sundeck with your neighbours. Embrace rooftop braais or cozy winter evenings sitting alongside the modern firepits with your family. Within the estate, you’ll find a range of amenities suited to family living. Keep fit at the estate gym or let the kid’s play on the dedicated jungle gym.

Fun in the sun
OceanDune Sibaya presents the best in nature with access to the Hawaan forest and beach after a short amble through the secure, dedicated trails. Experience the privacy of Sibaya’s beaches while you wet your feet in the warm sea water or watch the sunrise from the shore. At OceanDune Sibaya, you can fall in love with the outdoors again by embracing this secluded natural oasis.

On your doorstep
Situated in the ideal part of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, OceanDune Sibaya is in close proximity to all you require. Work minutes away from the business hub in Umhlanga and shop easily with the many retail options you have close by. In due time, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct will also have an array of shopping centres, medical suites, schools and sports amenities, making getting around even easier than ever before.

As the Sibaya Coastal Precinct expands with residential and commercial offerings, OceanDune Sibaya delivers an exclusive way of life. Experience the ideal apartment lifestyle and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Property can be your ticket to wealth

You’re well on your way to making some great income out of your investment property. You may already know all the tips and tricks but there’s always room to learn more.

Business Development doesn’t end
The romance isn’t over, as they say, when your guests leave their keys in the box and say goodbye. You’ve got to keep yourself to of mind. How exactly do you do this without becoming a spamming annoyance? Well, you’ve got your guests’ contact info so why not start with a personalised birthday message? Or perhaps let them know, every now and then, when you’ve got special rates or offers? If you really have the time and energy a short and well-curated newsletter every month or second month may work well too. Try to find some neat tricks to keep yourself top of mind but just be sure not to become super spammer! Recurring business is just as valuable as new business, and probably far easier to retain.

Reviews equal Rates
Ratings and reviews are part of what turns you into a super host. And if you’re a super host you’ll have a better chance of standing above the crowd. On your journey to becoming the host (ess) with the most (est) are your guest reviews. Yes, it’s hard to get people to spend time writing a review especially there’s nothing in it for them but if you make their stay spectacular then they’ll feel compelled to thank you a thousand ways! Good reviews are gold so gather up as much as you can. Simple things like cleanliness is key, along with things being in good working order. Don’t take your guests for fools rather treat them like royalty. Make sure what you’ve said in your write up and what you’ve shown in your pics match up to reality- people are wary of being sold the sizzle without the steak! Make sure appliances work, paste up instructions for appliances or home gadgets if needed; make guests feel like they are secure by pointing out what needs to be done in terms of physical security; how to get to much-needed amenities and other attractions. Add essentials like fire extinguishers for mishaps, torches in case the lights go out and also extra’s like multi-use plugs and international adapters. Try to be there when your guests are leaving or checking out and do a quick check over of their stay- were they happy? Was it what they expected? Thank them for choosing you and for their feedback (even if negative) and ask them to leave a review. The better your reviews, the closer you’ll be to becoming super host and then asking for the rates that you want.

Think of your listing as you would any other product- at the end of the day you want to be top of mind and most desirable. You want to offer something that your competitors don’t, whether that be the finer touch of a hands-on host, really cool and curated amenities or perfect positioning and a great location.


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