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Celebrating dolphin life on our doorstep

Did you know our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface with majority of life on Earth being aquatic? Dolphins are among the top 5 smartest creatures in the ocean. As we celebrate Dolphin awareness in March, what better way to learn more about these fantastic mammals than to understand their behaviours and way of life.

Dolphins are part of the mammal family Delphinidae and have 42 different types of species. The most common dolphin found in South Africa are the bottlenose dolphin. Regarded as toothed whales, these creatures have conical teeth designed for catching fish or squid. Their brains are larger than the human brain and they host a complex group of neurons that lead to responsiveness and increased problem-solving skills. Bottlenose dolphins can grow up to 4 meters long with an average weight of 150 to 200kg. Their skin is smooth and rubbery to the touch, which helps with increasing their swimming efficiency.

Considered extremely friendly, dolphins live in pods of 2 to 15. They grow together and can create multifaceted connections with their group members. Dolphins produce several sounds including clicking, squeaking and whistles to communicate underwater, through echolocation which also allows them to navigate and hunt while being aware of their surroundings. These special sounds create high-frequency pulses that bounce off objects and create echoes as sound waves reflect off them. A dolphin will interpret the meaning through their nerve impulses.

Some fun facts about dolphins:
· When dolphins sleep, half of their brain stays awake which allows them to continue to breathe.
· Within a dolphin pod, it is common for other members to help care for any sick, old, or injured members.
· There are 5 species of dolphin that live in freshwater.

With 180-degree sea views on the sundecks at OceanDune Sibaya, you have the ideal spot to watch a pod of dolphins swimming along the oceans horizon or breaching waters while having a bit of fun. Along with brilliant views and convenient onsite amenities like fire pits and rooftop pools, OceanDune Sibaya provides an all-encompassing lifestyle that is ideal for those looking for everything on their doorstep.

Live a little at OceanDune Sibaya

Overlooking the lush Hawaan forest and boasting 180-degree sea views, OceanDune Sibaya presents a unique outlook on life as it provides you with all you need within one address or just a few kilometers away. Here’s how you can live a little when making OceanDune Sibaya your home.

All-in-one living
With 260 units within this pristine, elegant building, you can delight in the many amenities that OceanDune Sibaya has to offer. With 2 adult sized pools and 2 kiddies splash pools, you can enjoy the warm summers while cooling off in the water or socialising on the sundeck with your neighbours. Embrace rooftop braais or cozy winter evenings sitting alongside the modern firepits with your family. Within the estate, you’ll find a range of amenities suited to family living. Keep fit at the estate gym or let the kid’s play on the dedicated jungle gym.

Fun in the sun
OceanDune Sibaya presents the best in nature with access to the Hawaan forest and beach after a short amble through the secure, dedicated trails. Experience the privacy of Sibaya’s beaches while you wet your feet in the warm sea water or watch the sunrise from the shore. At OceanDune Sibaya, you can fall in love with the outdoors again by embracing this secluded natural oasis.

On your doorstep
Situated in the ideal part of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, OceanDune Sibaya is in close proximity to all you require. Work minutes away from the business hub in Umhlanga and shop easily with the many retail options you have close by. In due time, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct will also have an array of shopping centres, medical suites, schools and sports amenities, making getting around even easier than ever before.

As the Sibaya Coastal Precinct expands with residential and commercial offerings, OceanDune Sibaya delivers an exclusive way of life. Experience the ideal apartment lifestyle and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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