Remote Working Trends in The Home

Working from home has increased for many professionals over the past few years and so has the concept of remote work in South Africa, and our homes have begun to reflect our different work styles and needs. For 2023, we look at the new remote working trends emerging in the home and the added benefits that come from working from home and being close to the KZN coastline when you live at OceanDune – like keeping your swimming gear close at hand for a quick trip to the pool in the hot summer months to come.

Remote jobs have increased over the last few years with the pandemic spurring a revolution in the way we work. From using the dining room table to spread out your files and working papers to finding the perfect spot at the coffee table to do your zoom calls, the office has spilt into the home.

The trend of nomad working is growing and is no longer exclusively associated with freelancers. Salaried professionals are now creating designated working spaces at home and creating the perfect work from home setup to take their productivity to the next level.

A few years into our global work from home trend, we now have the perfect opportunity to design our homes as a dynamic, multi-functional spaces where we can meet work deadlines, accomplish personal tasks and live connected to daily, revitalising green or ocean environments. The multifunctional work and home space take centre stage for 2023.

It’s All About The Light

Bright, open spaces create the ideal working environment. All you need in our modern age is a good Wi-Fi connection and your laptop. This creates a mobile lifestyle where you can move from the kitchen to the lounge, and to co-working spaces within your apartment building or at a nearby café. At OceanDune, you can take your work down to our resort-style pools or up to the relaxing communal rooftop area. The choice is yours and so is the opportunity to be out in the sun.

In 2023, we see that work-life balance features strongly, with many seeking out ways to be more connected to the outdoors during the workday. In the home, many have chosen to position their workspaces close to a window framing the outdoor environment to bring more plants inside. To create more light in your home, you can use lightweight fabrics and neutral colours for your curtains and blinds. This will help to create more of an open-plan environment where the light can naturally filter through.

Form Meets Function

Home office setups with standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and uncluttered, clear surfaces have now become the norm. The collection of personalised desk ornaments usually kept in the office, are no longer functional at home as your work desk also doubles as a kitchen table or is housed in a cosy corner of the lounge – a central spot for everyone.

Minimalism now sets the trend and there are so many fun ways to bring this style into your home. Focus on objects that you strongly connect with, that can help you centre your mind and keep you grounded when you get distracted. This could be a large central picture frame that brings the room together, or a vase of flowers placed next to you on the table. It could be the use of using a single strong colour theme throughout from the kitchen to the living room and your bedroom and bathroom.

The idea behind minimalist decor is that it helps to declutter the mind and your surfaces in the home. Minimalist décor is not just limited to what you can see – your other senses are also of vital importance.

Fill Your Sense With Coastal Sights and Fresh Air

Open your window and let in the ocean breeze, hear the sound of the waves crashing in the distance and the hum of nature of all around. Make your work hours count with the perfect breakaway opportunities to our community areas in the estate or drive down to the Umhlanga Promenade for a refreshing stroll along the ocean’s edge to clear your mind. You can also take your pick of coffee shops along Chartwell Drive to set up your laptop to have a front row seat to the hustle and bustle of Umhlanga Village or you could head a little further into Sibaya and enjoy the vibrant Marine Walk Shopping Centre.

As you work away at your secluded haven in OceanDune, open the window or balcony door and breathe in the calming, revitalising ocean air. On the wind are those treasured memories that only the scent of the ocean can bring. That of time spent being out with family on the beach, dipping your toes in the water and letting your mind disconnect from the pressures of everyday life.

In 2023, working from home means being instantly connected to the 5 minutes of zen you need to complete your workday. OceanDune presents the ideal living environment with apartments that let in the natural light and provide close access to the beaches of the KZN North Coast. The idea of living and working remotely on the Kwazulu-Natal coast comes to life within our secure estate. For all remote workers, this is the dream.

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